Thursday, September 23, 2010

Below the Bark

Last weekend, students enjoyed wonderful weather, hiking, a campfire, a cookout and camaraderie on The Meeting School's first camping trip of the school year in the shadow of Mount Monadnock.

Students and faculty split into two groups and hiked Mount Monadnock on either the White Dot and White Cross trails or the Pumpelly Trail.

For some students, it was the first time ever putting on boots to go hiking or camping out overnight in a tent.

Not only was the camping trip a new experience for some, but students and faculty trip leaders also played a game new to many: Zoogle. Zoogle is a game that involves standing in a circle, a stick (that one wants to catch below the bark), community decision-making (if one catches the stick while touching the bark), and a whole lot of fun (not adequately captured in this description but fully present during the game).

Many thanks to our campfire musicians and trip organizers!