Monday, February 22, 2010

Dan Rippe, Class of 2001, Dies

Dear Friends,

Dan Rippe, a TMS graduate from the class of 2001, died on Saturday, February 20 in Puerto Morales, Mexico. While we don't have many details, we understand his injuries were sustained from an accidental house fire earlier in the week. His family was with him at the time of his death. There will be a memorial for Dan in Mexico in a few days and another in New England in several months. Information, as it comes to us, will be available through our office at (603) 899-3366.

All Meeting School graduates receive a "Minute," written by other community members. We've included Dan's below:


Cruzin' in from Buxton to the quaint Meeting School farm,
sporting dreadlocks and a calm air,
you became the heartthrob
for the smitten female population.
You chanted down Babylon
with us in DC and Boston
eventually landing yourself in Quebec city
fighting clouds of tear gas,
side by side with your California girl (again reunited) strengthened by your knowledge of the FTAA.
This was revealed in the Quaker Meeting house even though you were at first hesitant.
You kicked off the year as the king of the pedestal,
but then your humble nature shone through
and you were soon known as
"the nice guy" (although we know you better).

Finding your place on the farm and in the community, you became centered
and even found time in your life to mother a turkey.
We could hear you blasting Sister Carol night and day
happily drumming along while Merlin got down with the rhythm.
You enchanted us with your African drumming.
You are a warm sensitive soul with a listening ear,
ready to give, always open with compassionate arms.
You were the pied piper of the children in Kenya.
Remember the Thomas House laugh attacks,
chilling in the upstairs lounge.

Now, we are leaving you here as the farm chore elf.

We love you Dan.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gathering Alumni Together

On February 7, Joe Carson '58 held an alumni gathering at his home in Newton Center, Massachusetts. Guests included (in photo from left to right) Head of School Jackie Stillwell, Joe Carson, Chris King, Debka Colson '76, and Chitra (Yang) King '64.

The alumni on hand were characteristically diverse in their interests and work. The professions of the attendees ranged from work as the Head of Oncology at Winchester Hospital in Woburn, MA, to major gifts fundraising for the American Friends Service Committee.

On Tuesday, March 9, there will be another alumni gathering in the Philadelphia area at the home of Pierre Ravacon '64. All TMS alums are warmly invited to take part in the evening - for details and to RSVP, please email Anne Miller at

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Intersession 2010 - Reporting Back to the Community

Students have now been back on campus for a week and are in the middle of their Intersession presentations, after being off on their adventures for the past month. Here is a sample of the different Intersession projects students organized and participated in.

Senior Wally spent three and a half weeks in northern New Hampshire at the Loki Clan Refuge working with wolves and wolf-dogs who have been rescued and are at the Loki Clan Refuge as a last resort. Many of the animals have have abused or mistreated. In addition to cutting up a lot of meat scraps for the wolves, Wally also shoveled snow and performed odd jobs around the refuge. He reports having interacted with "a lot of cool wolves" and having demonstrated a strong work ethic.

Senior Victoria spent her Intersession in Ghana, working with children, many of whom are orphans. In addition to working with her students on various art projects and language skills, she also had a chance to learn a little of the local language Ewe and travel around the country, including a climb up Mount Afadjato.

Junior Liz and Senior Stephen spent their time at Koinonia, a Christian farm community in Americus, Georgia Koinonia is the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, the Cottonpatch gospels, Jubilee Partners, and the Prison Project. Stephen helped on the farm while Liz worked in the bakery; they both participated fully in the life of the community.

Junior James went to Key West, Florida to volunteer with Reef Relief, a global nonprofit environmental protection organization dedicated to education about the reefs and what individuals can do to help protect them and improve water quality. James helped to staff the center and gave tours of the facilities. While in Key West, James gained familiarity with the flora and fauna in the ecosystem of a Caribbean coral reef, and the pelagic zones of sea life and general water all across the planet.

Sophomore Hannah went to Charlotte, Vermont and worked on a project called 'What Is Art.' She did a week of photography and editing and learned the program Photoshop, a week of studying film making, and spending three days with three filmmakers. She then did a week of pottery at the Shelburne Art Center. Hannah ended with a week of working in a glass blowing studio. She reports "learning a lot about working with different kinds of people, and how to be flexible. Over all my Intersession was a good experience and made me really appreciate the different forms of art for what they really are. I hope to work more with different forms of what people consider to be art."