Monday, February 22, 2010

Dan Rippe, Class of 2001, Dies

Dear Friends,

Dan Rippe, a TMS graduate from the class of 2001, died on Saturday, February 20 in Puerto Morales, Mexico. While we don't have many details, we understand his injuries were sustained from an accidental house fire earlier in the week. His family was with him at the time of his death. There will be a memorial for Dan in Mexico in a few days and another in New England in several months. Information, as it comes to us, will be available through our office at (603) 899-3366.

All Meeting School graduates receive a "Minute," written by other community members. We've included Dan's below:


Cruzin' in from Buxton to the quaint Meeting School farm,
sporting dreadlocks and a calm air,
you became the heartthrob
for the smitten female population.
You chanted down Babylon
with us in DC and Boston
eventually landing yourself in Quebec city
fighting clouds of tear gas,
side by side with your California girl (again reunited) strengthened by your knowledge of the FTAA.
This was revealed in the Quaker Meeting house even though you were at first hesitant.
You kicked off the year as the king of the pedestal,
but then your humble nature shone through
and you were soon known as
"the nice guy" (although we know you better).

Finding your place on the farm and in the community, you became centered
and even found time in your life to mother a turkey.
We could hear you blasting Sister Carol night and day
happily drumming along while Merlin got down with the rhythm.
You enchanted us with your African drumming.
You are a warm sensitive soul with a listening ear,
ready to give, always open with compassionate arms.
You were the pied piper of the children in Kenya.
Remember the Thomas House laugh attacks,
chilling in the upstairs lounge.

Now, we are leaving you here as the farm chore elf.

We love you Dan.


NORTh said...


We'll take care of things down this way, Brutha..

Love N lighT


TMS Blogger said...

There will be a memorial service for Dan in June at his father's house in Enfield. We'll post more information as it becomes available.