Thursday, February 08, 2007

Its that time of year again. All of the students are working hard on papers for writing class, the term is coming to an end, and projects are due in other classes too. Students are making sure that plans are in place for Intersession, which begins at the end of this term. With all of these things due around the same time, a lot of students find themselves stressed out and overworked at this time of year. We celebrate this push towards the end of the second term, and the beginning of Intersession, which is such a satisfying time of the year. Learning to manage time, and burn the midnight oil in some cases is what this time of year is about. It’s an important life skill that students will learn from this short period in their lives. Right now it seems impossible, but when its done there will be a wonderful sense of accomplishment. We look forward to celebrating the end of another term, and to Graduation.

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