Monday, October 06, 2008

Walking of the Heifers

As fall sets in and the grasses begin to stop growing the cows and sheep at TMS will take one last trip through the fields to eat what’s left before making the switch to hay for the winter. The cows have taken a trip up the road to the Bartlett Fields where they'll have a chance to graze four of the five fields. Moving them from the barn to the top of the hill is no small task. To move them with the least amount of chaos, four strands of electric wire were used to contain them in a moving box. With a person at each corner holding the wire, the wire "box" moved down the road and up the hill to the fields (its hard to see the wire in this picture). The cows were nervous about the pavement, and had a minor escape or two before finally making it to the greener pasture. Traffic that was stopped looked on in awe as the herd went walking by. Students and faculty showed great patience and persistence throughout the entire event. Lets hope the move back to the barn for the winter goes just as smooth!

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