Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pictures from the India Group

A highlight of our time in Varanasi was visiting the Little Stars School
for orphans and street children , we sang , danced and played with the
kids there and fun was had by all!

Ron Adam and Michelle on a boat ride on the Ganges just past sunrise

Mani and Becca enjoy a cycle rickshaw ride from the old city of Varanasi
to Assi Ghat.

The Bodhi tree of Bodh Gaya

After 20+ years of marriage Ron and Michelle renewed their wedding vows in
Bodh Gaya on the Mahabodhi compound, near the temple and tree at the site
where the Buddha was enlightened. Luke, Adam and Nathan all helped with
readings... :) Their 21st anniversary will be on March 6 and Michelle will
still be in India then and Ron back in the US.

Always the trickster, Luke catches the sunrise over the Ganges in Varanas

Moon with a prayer candle on the Ganges boatride

Mani visits with an older student at the Gurgaon School for the Blind ,
near Delhi

The Group at the India Gate

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