Thursday, October 22, 2009

TMS by Moonlight

TMS blogger sat down with junior Marluna (a.k.a. "Moon") to chat about school, life, and what comes next.

TMS blogger: So...what drew you to TMS in the first place?

MW: Before here, I went to Arthur Morgan School It's based on Quaker principles like here, and also has a strong work program. One of the students there told me about TMS. I came and toured and toured and really loved it. Also I know several other alums of TMS and talked with them about the school. So there really wasn't ever much of a decision - I was going to TMS.

TMS blogger: How’s the year going?

MW: The year is going really well. I’m a junior this year and juniors typically take US history so I’m taking that, along with writing, geometry, ceramics and biology. All of the classes are really, really good. Working with Shana at Rooted With Clay as part of our ceramics class has been a wonderful opportunity.

US History is also very interesting. We've been very involved at actively looking at historical markers in our environment. We recently went to the Rindge cemetery to study gravestones. I understand an upcoming class will involve visiting the town offices in Keene or Rindge and exploring their town records. We are going to be asked to discover something of interest that no other historians know. I’m really looking forward to this challenge in "making" history.

TMS Blogger: So what about life on the farm?

MW: The new farm chore schedule is getting people more involved. We used to be on chores for two-week rotations, but the students decided to change the schedule so we're on once per week. I think it's a really good change - I think we will all end up being more in tune with the farm. For example, before you could be on in the winter and have no experience with farm chores in the spring.

TMS Blogger: I know you’re a junior, but have you thought about college?

MW: I've been thinking that a school like Warren Wilson College might be good... a smallish school, with some kind of a work program. I like being in this kind environment where people have different responsibilities and everybody has a role in making it all happen.

TMS Blogger: What are your preliminary plans for intersession?

MW: Well, I've been toying with a plan I call “Operation Bojangles.” I’d like to go to New Orleans in pursuit of the mythic Mr. Bojangles and do character profiles of street performers, through photography and character profiles. If this dream falls through, another option is to work at a vegan bakery in Concord, New Hampshire, called CafĂ© Indigo.

TMS Blogger: Good luck with "Operation Bojangles"! Wrapping up, what’s your favorite farm animal and why?

MW: (with pondering expression on her face) This is a very serious question for me…I think it’s a toss up between the ducks and Brioche the cow. The ducks are really funny and interesting – there’s a duck couple on campus – and it’s amusing to see them run around campus as a pack. Brioche is beautiful and has an attitude and I really appreciate that about her.

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