Monday, November 09, 2009

Student Reflections: Embracing the Not-So-Ordinary

This posting comes from a new TMS student, Andrew, who is a junior this year.

"When I started searching for prospective schools for my junior year, I wanted one that would incorporate my interests. So when I came across The Meeting School, I was really intrigued by the sustainable agriculture program and the experiential aspects of the school. I got drawn in when I read about Intersession and I immediately started thinking about possible ideas: working with a gay rights organization in India; living on an intentional community; or working with an independent news source. During my interview process, it seemed like these were viable opportunities. Even if I didn’t get in, I had a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life, at that moment. I say at that moment of my life because I believe that interests are fluid and forever changing. It’s interesting to look at how my ideas for Intersession have changed only in the three or so months since I have applied.

"What is even more interesting is to see how I have changed in the month and some odd days that I have been here, at TMS. For example, when I first came to Junior writing class, it was extremely difficult for me to get out a paragraph. I was on the edge of my seat and was literally tugging at my hair. My writing process was tainted by thoughts like: “this is not good enough” or “Why should I even bother, this is gonna be crap,” and “I am so inarticulate.” I knew that the best thing to do was to just write and not look back and judge. This was extremely hard for me to get over but I was in such a nurturing environment and the other kids were really great. Everyone was there to support me. I still struggle a lot but nowhere near the amount when I first entered my teacher Frederick’s study.

"I love animals and I love the connection I can have with them. During the first couple days of school David, who oversees the farm, was looking for two volunteers for farm chores. I thought this was a good idea for me to just jump right in. I have learned a lot about how to treat animals and also what they eat. I think the best learning experiences so far have been the out of the ordinary ones…like when LL Cool Cow busted through the wiring in order to return to her calves. This was a time where we had to be very sensitive to her needs. Or the other day, when I was milking Bruschetta. I really got to connect one on one with her. I let her know I was there and she really took to me. On some level, it felt like there was a spiritual connection or at least a physical understanding between us. Learning how to connect with a living being on this different level, I believe, is very important for our souls. The joy I got from the experience was great and I can’t wait ‘til next week when I get more practice and eventually, when I get my own milking shift."

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this is a great perspective! i really enjoy reading these student centered posts. keep it up!