Monday, January 29, 2007

The Junior/Senior Peace Studies class took a field trip on Wednesday night, and Thursday to Montpelier, Vermont. The class left Wednesday after Community Meeting to make it in time to see Anais Mitchell at the Langdon Street Cafe. Anais is a friend of Sheila, the Peace Studies teacher, and a Young Adult Friend. During her show, she dedicated a song to Sheila and The Meeting School students. The show ended late, and the class stayed at Betsy Ziegler and Joey Klein’s house in Plainfield, Vermont. Betsy and Joey are parents of Jacob Klein ’04 and run an organic farm that donates storage crops to The Meeting School each fall.
On the way home, the class stopped in Keene to check out a free show at The Colonial Theater. “Ailey II” was giving a free workshop to educate people about modern dance. The show gave advice to kids who might want to take dance classes, go to summer dance programs, become a choreographer, or professional dancer. The group will be providing a show this Saturday at The Colonial that a few members of the class will be going to.

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Anonymous said...

I attended the Meeting school back in 88-89. I still have my final graduation minute. One found it a complex task to act accordingly to my age during attendance.

"VAN MEETING TREE MEETINGS" was my shame to fame at TM'S.

Something must have calmed me. Found a marriage that rocked. Bought a fine Adirondack style ranch house 9 years ago.

Always an entrepreneur, my most current freelance adventure involves an active acquisition role in NFL season seating.

TO add to my burden, I hold a full time job in no other occupation than commercial licensed transportation.

An utterly ironic gig for one whom couldn't maintain an attention span of 5 minutes at TM'S...

Now I come out the other side of the clouds to visualize that I have somehow humored the world by raising a daughter. A daughter whom is 17 & attending college to be a peace officer/attorney.

At 102 lbs & 4'11",one has to be humored by the little blonde bombshell nicknamed Ity Bitty Britt. Despite her size & bodacious female appearance, she actually has a fierce reputation.