Monday, January 22, 2007

Last week the morning long block classes had a field trip day. We dedicate an entire day to field trips for each long block class so that classes can travel to places that offer a better experience, and can spend more time there. Here's a brief description of what each of the classes spent the day doing:
- The Cooking and Nutrition class spent the day checking out three small food businesses. First they were given an overview of the cheese-making process at Boggy Meadow Farm by the head cheese makers, complete with samples! Right down the road from Boggy Meadow Farm is LA Burdick Chocolates, where the class got some of the famous hot chocolate, and shared a few chocolate desserts. Last stop on the Cooking and Nutrition field trip was Orchard Hill Breadworks where unfortunately they missed the bread bakers who had already left. They did however get to see the hand build brick oven that Orchard Hill uses to bake their artisan breads in.
- Wood Carving Class was happy to take the entire day and devote it to completing some of the work that they've been doing this term. They've completed several different carving projects during the term, like a 6-inch Santa type figure, and an angel ornament. During the day they were able to walk up to the land recently logged by Franklin Pierce College and glean some great pieces for a walking stick project. The walking sticks will have an intricate pattern at or near the top, and each one will be designed differently by the student.
- Theater class was able to multi-task as a class by splitting into two groups for the morning. One group traveled to the Salvation Army to volunteer time hanging, folding, and sorting clothes. In return for the volunteer hours, the Salvation army gave each student ten free items which they used to get costumes for the performance. The other group spent the morning building wooden platforms that they will stand on in the show. The idea is that this show will be fully portable, like street theater. So each person will have a platform to stand on, and when the show finishes they can pick up the platforms and move to another spot.
- The History class traveled to the Amoskeag Mills in Manchester where they toured the museum and learned about the mill's history and how it effected the city of Manchester.

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