Thursday, January 24, 2008


To remember Dr. Martin Luther King Junior this year there were four options to chose from. Students and faculty members came together for a brunch at 10:30 where everyone chose their afternoon activity.
One group watched the four-hour Malcolm X movie staring Denzel Washington. After the movie, the participants had a discussion that sparked students and staff to think about race in ways we aren't often confronted with. One faculty member said it was, "the deepest conversation about race I've ever had here at The Meeting School."
Another group continued the tradition of baking cookies and delivering them to neighbors with decorated boxes and quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The neighbors have written thank you notes in past years, and come to expect Meeting School students at their doors each year.
A group went to the local nursing home to play cards, sing songs, and talk for the afternoon. This trip has become very popular, and we've been asked to come back whenever we have time.
The last group went to Northampton, MA to participate in a program offered by Northampton High School and the American Friends Service Committee. The program included speeches, workshops and musical events. Students were excited to be with people from other schools, and in a group of people with more diversity than we're used to at The Meeting School.

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