Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LL Cool Cow Has Not One, But Two!

LL Cool Cow is notorious for being the crazy one. Shes our wild cow, always spontaneous and different. Her calves are usually the same. On Wednesday morning Megan, the farm coordinator, found LL in labor after months of speculation over whether she was even pregnant at all. She said "I went out to milk and found one baby walking out towards the field, and LL was starting to have another." Its Twins! A bull and a cow to add to the herd.

Here they are in the stall looking confused without mom close by.

They don't have names yet. Naming animals here can be a tough task. The person who finds the babies, or the mother in labor, gets to pick the names. The babies have to share the same first letter as their mother. So these babies will have names that begin with L.

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Anonymous said...

My suggestions are "Luther" and "Lolita".