Thursday, May 07, 2009

Farm Olympics 2009

Faculty and students participated in the annual Farm Olympics. Feats of strength, agility, balance and humor were tested in a variety of activities, including a rope climb, hay bale toss, obstacle course, tug of war, and the "tractor gawk." To the best of this blogger's intel, Abel won the rope climb. Farmer Jay won hay bale toss - though it was very close with last year's winner Robert. The obstacle course relay, which involved eggs on spoons, buckets of water, and more hay bales, was won by Team #1 (you know who you are).

For those readers unfamiliar with the tractor gawk, it is an opportunity for community members to perform a character sketch in the presence of the beloved TMS tractor. Sheila won, playing an old gal lamenting about how "tractors used to be."

After a two-year drought, students beat the faculty - "creamed us," as one faculty member (who shall remain anonymous) put it. Students, feeling sorry for the lack of faculty prowess, agreed to put their four finest against about a dozen faculty members - luckily, they won this round.

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