Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Junior Jack Langerman Revives TMS Nature Trail

Have you ever noticed the occasional dilapidated sign leaning sadly near a tree at TMS? Well, those signs were the remnants of our nature trail, which had fallen into disrepair. The long-forgotten nature trail has gotten a new face lift under the leadership of junior Jack Langerman, who decided to renovate the trail to satisfy the leadership requirement of his Boy Scout Eagle award.

Students, faculty and family members spent well over 150 man and woman-hours clearing the old trail, identifying trees and painting more than 56 signs. Some of Jack's former dorm mates from Putney School's G-Haus even joined in on the project!

Now community members and visitors will be able to tell a Black Locust from a High Bush Blueberry. All identifications were kindly confirmed by a former faculty member and retired forester. Look for the Trail Head behind the office where you'll find the trail map and a list of featured flora. Enjoy your walk!

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