Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Meeting School Now Open to International Students

In an exciting development, we are beginning to look for a few
international students to add enrichment and diversity to our community.
Last week, the school became authorized under Federal law to enroll
nonimmigrant alien students. This new ability actually restores an old
program of ours which had become too bureaucratically difficult after
9/11/2001; in the 1990's we regularly enrolled a foreign student, often
from Japan, every year or so. Various faculty members speak Mandarin,
French, and Spanish fluently, and we would be able to provide cultural
support to students from Korea and Japan as well. It’s still too early
to tell what next fall will bring, but hopefully future years will see
international students on our campus, as a great complement to the
international trips that are already a regular part of our Intersession

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