Monday, May 21, 2007

Senior Dinner a Night to Remember

This past Tuesday night the senior class was treated to a feast in the Thomas Dinning Room. In what has become a wonderful end of the year tradition the seniors made requests for several specific dishes to be prepared for them. The meal fell on Tuesday because it was the last day for seniors to hand in work, and serves as a celebration of the four years of hard work. After a work study of planting potatoes that will feed next school years community, they made their way to Thomas House dressed for the occasion. There were traditional requests for things like sushi, falafel, shish-kabobs, and chocolate mousse along with more eclectic requests for things like a marzipan bowling ball, and a "pound burger" that rounded out the menu. Several faculty members put together all the food for the meal, while two requested wait staff did all of the service. The meal lasted a little over two hours by which time all seniors had eaten their full. Coffee finished and dessert plates clean, they thanked all the cooks and waiters for the hard work before leaving to digest.

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