Thursday, May 03, 2007

Senior Minutes are a work in progress

Last week we began brainstorming ideas for departing senior minutes. Each spring after vacation we begin this tradition of sharing memories of each senior and their journey at The Meeting School. For those who don’t know a “departing minute” is each seniors diploma. The community brainstorms each senior to come up with a list of things that might be written in this departing minute. A smaller committee of two or three people then write a draft to bring back to the community for consideration, and edits. In final form, each minute is around 200 words long, lettered in calligraphy on a large piece of poster board, and has artwork done by a chosen community member. The minutes aren’t heard or seen by the seniors until graduation day when its read to them in front of family and friends. With 7 seniors to brainstorm and write minutes for this year we have plenty of time to do a wonderful job on each one. What makes these minutes so special is that every graduate from the last 50 years has their own unique diploma. Not only does it remember that senior, but it lets that senior remember the people that cared for them.

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