Monday, December 18, 2006

Dan and Ruth Holmes, former farm managers at school, just sold us a ram! Dan (picture at the right) and Ruth are managing Sunnyfield Farm in Peterborough, NH which is a part of Crotched Mountain School. Unfortunately we didn’t have a ram this fall to put in with our sheep so we couldn’t have lambs in the spring, or meat in the fall next year. In what turns out to be a funny coincidence Ruth was needing to get rid of a ram she thought was too beautiful to be taken for slaughter. The ram is a black Icelandic with great curling horns that Ruth says will loop around a few times and be stunning. He also comes from a great line that is parasite resistant and has great fleece (both great qualities!). The new ram’s name is Luke, which was given to him by Dan and Ruth when he was born at Sunnyfield this spring. Luke is currently getting to know all of his new lady friends here at school along with two weathers (castrated rams), and four baby cows that keep the flock company. We’ll have an update in the spring on how well he‘s been doing.

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