Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An interesting fact about The Meeting School: We usually have the highest percentage of Quaker students among all Quaker schools. Its easy when your student population is no more than 30-35 students on any given year, but what’s interesting is how those students who come to school not knowing a thing about Quakerism learn to appreciate its offerings. This school year we have three students from Quaker families which is lower than years past but is still around 13% of our student body. There are another four students who are not from a Quaker background, but exploring the possibility of becoming more involved in it. One student is considering a Quaker college as the right choice for him after graduating in the spring. Another senior has attended Cambridge Friends Meeting, Monadnock Meeting, and WeareFriends Meeting recently with the thought of becoming a Friend. We don’t encourage students to become Quaker, but to engage in conversation and ask questions about all religions. We welcome all spiritual beliefs, and expect all members of the community to respect those beliefs.

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