Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This morning, after first long block classes, our two calves Boulder, and Bignette were taken away from there mothers to live with the sheep for the winter. The calves have had a few months of their mother’s milk and are ready to be weaned away from them to start eating grass and hay. The next few days are sure to be filled with loud moos from the mothers and babies across campus. Its funny to see the sheep and cows together at first, but after a while the cows almost become part of the flock. Come summer time the baby cows will be bigger and ready to join the heard again and hopefully (knock on wood) will be successfully weaned from their mothers milk. It has happened in the past that a mother allows her calf, after a winter of being weaned, to continue drinking her milk. When that happened there were many techniques to try to stop the baby from nursing, but only keeping them apart really worked.

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