Friday, December 01, 2006

This years parents weekend was a great success. We had an impressive turnout of friends and family, who came from all over the country. Work on the famous Thanksgiving Meal began in the morning with two turkeys, and picked up after lunch with Work Study. The baking of over 20 pies, and several side dishes including stuffing, mashed potatoes, squash, green beans, cranberry sauce, and rolls were all completed. The tables were set with decorative centerpieces made from pine bows, pumpkins, and high bush cranberries. Soon parents had arrived and food came out of the ovens. Everyone made there way to the dinning hall ready to feast on the fall harvest. The meal was well received, however dessert stole the show once again with several different pies to choose from including apple, pumpkin, a cheesecake, and tollhouse. When clean up finished from the meal, which is no small task, Coffee House began. This years performances were highlighted by a group of faculty and staff singing rounds, Mark’s dad clogging (inset), and a post Coffee House sing along led by former faculty, and parent, Ron. Many parents participated in this years coffee house, some by surprise, which added to the fun of the entire night. We look forward to graduation weekend in May when we’ll all get together again for the next dinner, and Coffee House.

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