Sunday, December 10, 2006

Monday night is no longer just the beginning of another week at school now. No, on Monday’s there are regular trips to the contra dance in Nelson, NH. Our head of school, Jackie, has spearheaded the movement to go to these dances by offering to drive. The contra dance in Nelson is said to be one of the oldest dances in New England, and is becoming popular with a younger generation of dancers. The school has taken trips to Nelson here and there in years past, but this year its becoming a regular activity on Monday night. After dinner everyone piles into a van and goes dancing for the night, usually getting an exception to be late for curfew (the dance goes until 11:00). The dance in Nelson is over 200 years old, and there are some relatively famous people playing music for the dancers. Bob McQuillen(inset) plays the piano and accordion, and has done so for the past 50 years. This picture is significant because, as Bob is explaining, its the first time he's worn a tie to a contra dance in his life! Mr. McQuillen is also an internationally recognized contra dance musician for his songs and style.

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