Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday afternoon the eleven remaining piglets from the spring were brought to a local butcher. The mother pigs might be the ones most ready to see them go, but also happy to see them go are those doing chores each day. There are now only four pigs to feed on campus instead of 15. Its always difficult to send the animals away, but its part of the unique learning experience our farm provides for students, and staff. Its important to know that the pork, ham, and bacon we will be eating this year was raised right here, and to know that all the hard work in moving, feeding, and watering them was for that food. The next day Professor, our boar, returned to the sows to ensure more piglets in the spring, and the beginning of another cycle.

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Narcissa said...

This makes me feel so sad. I love pigs and I don't like slaughter. I feel this goes against my Quaker vow to non-violence. I became a vegetarian while attending TMS and now I am vegan, so of course this hurts me as a Quaker.