Monday, December 18, 2006

Recycling has always been a work-study job here at school. Each Tuesday a crew gathers all of our recycling, sorts it out, and brings it to the Rindge recycling center. This year things are different though.

The crew has decided to no longer use gas to complete their job. At the beginning of work study they gather everything, separate it, and stuff it into backpacks, smart carts, and bike trailers. Everyone carries what they can, and begin either walking, or towing the recycling. At first the idea wasn’t too exciting for the crew that had to make the trek, but now after three months they run a smooth operation. There are a few things that are just too big to bring without a van, so twice this year they have needed to fill up the fifteen passenger van. This lifestyle change is another way that The Meeting School is choosing to be more ecologically sustainable. The picture above is the typical crew heading out.

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